• APOSTROPHE indicates the possessive case of nouns and indefinite pronouns?
  • APOSTROPHE marks omission of letters in contracted words?
  • APOSTROPHE marks omission of digits in numbers?
  • APOSTROPHE is often used to form plurals of letters, punctuated abbreviations, symbols, and words referred to as words?

About Us

Along with the development in science and technology, there is an increasing need for learning foreign languages, and in particular, English. Progress in the Internet and computer sciences, tourism, and human sciences gives this need greater significance. The quality of learning a foreign language, however, should not be neglected. There are individuals and language schools that claim they are qualified enough to help learners acquire the desired knowledge of English required to make optimal use of the foreign language, but it turns out—after years—that their claim is unfounded, and that the learners have more or less wasted their time and money.

After years of experience in various educational centers, we started Bavar Faraz Institute in 1999, which was officially established in 2001. The aim of the institute has been to find ways to assist learners of any age and with any need to achieve their goals in the shortest possible period of time.

Our successful teaching contracts with Amir Kabir University, the University of Medical Sciences of Tehran, the University of Water and Electricity Industries, and companies like Petro Pars, Pars Khodro (a car manufacturing company) and the Ministry of Agriculture may well prove our claim.

Bavar Faraz Institute intends to be a pioneer in providing companies, organizations and ministries with the best educational services in two years’ time.

Levels of Teaching

We offer courses in General English, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE and GMAT, as well as courses in German, and French. There are semi-private and group classes, with the number of students differing depending on each group’s requirements. The general English courses are intended for those who wish to learn everyday conversations, with the emphasis on all the four language skills, i.e., listening, speaking, reading and writing. The teaching materials are not limited to one specific course book such as Top Notch, New Interchange or Headway since each course book can meet some, not all, the requirements of an EFL learner. For this reason, we take advantage of a variety of books and materials to fit each specific need of a learner.